About PAEN

Welcome to PAEN, the first digital entrepreneurial ecosystem across the globe. PAEN -Pan African Entrepreneurship Network is a vibrant digital community for scalable entrepreneurs who need ecosystem support for their businesses.

Our Vision

A virtual and diverse entrepreneurial community which creates and generates wealth for every member across the globe.

Our Mission

Economic Emancipation of Pan Africans through Entrepreneurship.

PAEN'S Digital Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

PAEN is focused on using the power of an embedded community to create wealth through entrepreneurship. It’s often said that it takes a village, at PAEN we believe we are the village to foster the change we want to see. Entrepreneurship is the process of using resources available to create value and in turn exchanging the value created for wealth, provided the entrepreneur is within a sustainable and enabling environment which is often referred to as an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Unfortunately in most deprived communities across the globe, there’s a lack of ecosystem support for entrepreneurs. This is the problem PAEN aims to solve through the implementation of a Digital Entrepreneurial Ecosystem which supports African entrepreneurs across the globe. Economic Emancipation of deprived communities through PAEN’s  Digital Entrepreneurial Ecosystem is  alligned to the United Nations SDG 1, 8, 9, 10, 16  and 17. 

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PAEN’s Digital Entrepreneurial Ecosystem is an evolving ecosystem , the system currently consists of the following infrastructures:

1. PAEN Community– A Community of Entrepreneurs who network amongst each other, and are upskilled through the PAEN Academy (Training) with the purpose of getting access to opportunities  to scale their businesses, this  includes access to  funding  opportunities through the PAEN Capital. 

2. PAEN Square- The  Digital Market place for freelancers who provide affordable services to entrepreneurs. (To be launched by 2020).

3. DOJA- An online marketplace for African inspired Lifestyle ranging from fashion to skincare products.